Why Diot


Dade Institute of Technology’s mission is to prepare graduates for careers in the Information Technology field by providing up to date theory and practical courses of instruction in order to be very competitive in life and the job market. Those students will be trained not only to pass the specific vendor certification, but also to be ready for any employer in the job market.

Compu-Design USA Inc is a corporation formed under the laws of the State of Florida. The company is currently owned and operated by Donard St Jean as CEO, Michele St Jean as General Administrator.


    Dade Institute of Technology only accepts applications for the following trainings:
    a- Computer Operator Specialist
    b-  Computer Repair Technician
    c-  Computer Network Technician
    d-  Cisco Certified Network Associates “Test Prep”
    e-  Microsoft Certified IT Professional/MCTS “Test Prep”

In order to be admitted, all applicants must be at least 18 or over.  All applicants under 18 years of age must have parent of legal guardian consent to be admitted to the school. All applicants must present proof of age by providing an ID or birth certificate. When a student is admitted to Dade Institute of Technology, they are required to bring their GED, High School Diploma or equivalent. If the student is not able to provide a High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent, a basic skills examination will be provided in order to assess the student’s capacity for taking the training. The basic skills will be provided just to verify the basic student’s ability to read and write English. The first basic skills test will be “Reading for Technician” and a passing grade of 60 or higher is required. The second basis skill test will be “Writing for Technician” and a passing grade of 60 or higher is required. A Student wishing to apply for enrollment is encouraged to speak with an advisor prior to enrollment to determine his/her level of commitment and financial obligation. At that time, students will complete an application and will receive a copy of the school catalog.

Dade Institute of Technology does not have a campus security or police force. We report all crimes directly to the proper civil authority. The Owner/Director/or a staff member will be responsible to contact any authority such as local or state police, fire or medical personnel that might be required. Any breach of security, such as assault, robbery, sale of controlled substances, etc. will be reported to the local police and full prosecution will follow if needed. All students and staff are to report any breach of school security such as theft, assault, or misconduct to the Owner/Director or staff member of the school as soon as possible after the occurrence of the act. The Owner/Director or Instructor of the School will discuss during orientation class the importance of the students to always guard against theft of personal property as well as the theft or misuse of school property and to report all such activities to the Director or staff person as soon as possible.

10 Reasons to choose Dade Institute School of Nursing

  • Our curriculum is designed for you to pass the N-CLEX on your first try.
  • We have state of the art equipment in our lab. Our system is designed to prepare practice ready Nurses.
  • Our instructors are qualified, licensed and are experienced in the field.
  • We partner with the top Hospitals and Nursing facilities for your physical clinicals.
  • We have the best technology to do digital Clinicals in your classroom.
  • We have the best online platform and SIS to guide you from start to finish.
  • We have an online library with thousands of books available to you.
  • Our system is designed to give a complete view of the students’ performance from the first day of nursing school through sitting for the NCLEX.
  • A simulation suite that ranges from an introduction to patient scenarios, to digital clinical experiences, to interactive hands-on patient care via AI, all designed to prepare students for successful healthcare careers.
  • We are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing and Licensed by the Florida Department of Education.


Dade Institute School of Nursing amplifies learning from day one through an interconnected experience, from building knowledge to applying clinical judgment to assessment and review to drive student success on the NCLEX and in clinical practice.


Three main fundamental Focus.

  1. Build Knowledge
  2. Apply Clinical Judgment
  3. Assess and Review


A- Build Knowledge

    1. Foundational content (Sherpath)
    2. Active Learning

With deep foundational content and active learning, students will be better able to build knowledge to establish a baseline for future learning throughout their careers. Dade Institute helps students cultivate content mastery throughout the curriculum with engaging technology to ensure students both learn and understand the key nursing concepts that form the foundation for their success.


B- Apply Clinical Judgement

    1. Skills and Simulations
    2. Patient Scenarios

In our program, students gain competence in nursing procedures and skills through a combination of theory, observation, interactive technology, and real-world practice. Our robust library of content-based patient scenarios and interactive, immersive technology empowers students to develop clinical judgment and patient readiness in a safe, learning based environment.


C- Assess and Review

    1. Practice Quizzing
    2. Curricular Assessment
    3. Capstone & N-CLEX Prep.

Monitoring performance from day one with practice quizzing and a full collection of assessment tools allows students to master content along the way, while evaluating their progress at key points in our program. When the time to take the NCLEX is near, students can prepare with content review, adaptive quizzing, and personalized feedback and coaching that helps them gain the skills and confidence they need to pass the first time.