Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide (HHA)

Program Description

This program is designed to prepare you for employment as a home attendant or a home health aide (HHA). As a Home Health Aide, you will be able to help the disabled and those with long term illness perform activities of daily living. Our program integrates medical theory with skills-based, practical training. These courses cover the basics of infection control, domestic violence, first aid, HIV/AIDS, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, vital signs, homecare skills, client care and client safety. Upon completion of our program, you will be ready to work as a Home Health Aide and/or start the path to a nursing career.


Program Length Total Contact Hours Program Cost
Clock Hours 75 Theory Hours 40 Tuition $ 1000.00
Weeks 3 Lab Hours 15 Registration Fees $ 150.00
Clinical Hours 20 Books & Supplies $ 300.00
Technology Fee $ 150.00
Materials Fee $ 150.00
Total Hours 75 Total Program Cost $ 1,750.00
Course Number Course Title Theory|Hours Lab |Hours Clinical|Hours
HCW 101 Medical Terminolgy 10 0 0
HCW 110 Basic Healthcare Worker I 30 0 0
HCW 120 Basic Nursing Laboratory Skills and Clinical Experience I 0 15 20
Total Contact Hours 40 15 20

**Completion of HCW 101, 110, and 120 marks the completion of the Home Health Aide certificate and allows the student to opt for submission as a candidate for the state Home Health Exam and allows for the student to apply for the Nursing Assistant program with advanced standing.

To qualify, the following admission criteria must be met:

  • 9TH Grade or Higher Education.
  • Passing score of at least 70 on an in-house entrance exam administered by the school just to make sure that the student can read and write English.
  • Transcripts of previous education as required for point of program admission.
  • Proof of routine immunizations with current titers and vaccination including measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, varicella, influenza, and hepatitis B.
  • Level 2 state and federal criminal background check.
  • Completed DIOT application.
  • Completed enrollment agreement
  • Government-issued proof of identification.

Students satisfying all admission criteria will be admitted into HCW 210 Basic Healthcare Worker II course. Upon successful completion of HCW 210 with a grade of 75 or higher, the student will be awarded 75 hours for HWC 101, 110, and 120 and will be allowed to continue to matriculate trough the nursing assistant program.

HHA 3 Weeks is an educational program that provides training in the skills needed to be a Home Health Aide.

This program is designed for people who are interested in becoming a Home Health Aide and need more than just on-the-job training. They will learn the skills needed to provide basic care for patients, such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and toileting.

HHA 3 Weeks is designed for individuals who are interested in becoming a Home Health Aide but need more than just on-the-job training. Participants will learn the skills needed to provide basic care for patients, such as bathing, dressing, feeding and toileting.

The Home Health Aide, HHA training course is designed for those individuals who want to work in the home health care industry. The course will provide you with a broad understanding of the role of an HHA and the knowledge needed to work as an HHA.