Microsoft Office Access Level 3

Course Description

Lesson 1: Integrating Access into Your Business
Import XML Data into an Access Database
Export Access Data to the XML Format
Export Data to an Outlook Address Book
Collect Data Through Email Messages
Lesson 2: Automating a Business Process with VBA
Create a Standard Module
Develop Code
Call a Procedure from a Form
Run a Procedure
Lesson 3: Managing Switchboards
Create a Database Switchboard
Modify a Database Switchboard
Set the Startup Options
Lesson 4: Distributing and Securing Databases
Split a Database
Implement Security
Set Passwords
Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File
Package a Database with a Digital Signature
Lesson 5: Sharing Databases Using a SharePoint Site
Export a Table to a SharePoint List
Import Data from a SharePoint List
Publish a Database to a SharePoint Site
Move a Database to a SharePoint Site
Work Offline